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The Season Feature


SPICY RED is our Season Feature for JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2017.

A very sweet red wine with natural flavorings added (cloves, cinnamon and orange.). A flavorful blend of grapes grown in Pennsylvania.


For wintertime, serve hot (in a mug). For summertime, serve over ice as a quick Sangria.


Currently available for tasting and purchase in all Nissley wine shops. Also available by UPS delivery in PA. Regular price: $12.90. Featured price: $10.32 when you buy 1-11 bottles.


Note: Every two months, we feature one wine at 20% off when you purchase 1-11 bottles. The price is not eligible for quantity discounts, and the wine is not available for personalized wine orders at this price.








Washington's Birthday Special

(February 15 thru 23, 2017)


Our annual Washington's Birthday special is for both cherry wines - Montmorency Cherry (semi-dry) and Country Cherry (sweet). Made from fresh cherries (not grape wine with extracts), both are cherry in flavor and aroma. Delicious with toasted almonds, cheese cake or dark chocolate. The special price of $11.92 is 20% off the reular price. (No additional discounts.) Available at all Nissley Wine Shops and by UPS in PA.




More specials will be presented here from time to time.




Season Feature

(Available thru February 28, 2017)

Cherry Wines

(Available February 15 - 23, 2017)