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Wedding Wines

      Nissley wines can embellish your wedding in many ways. Wine to serve to your guests comes first to mind. Choose from our wide selection of white, rosé and red wines.  Imagine each bottle with a pretty personalized label that commemorates your names and the wedding date.


      A wine to toast the bride and groom is an important part of the festivities. White wine is generally preferred, and we offer a list of eight white wines, ranging from dry to very sweet. Bottles personalized with the name of the bride and groom make this toast even more memorable.


       Then there is the conundrum of selecting gifts for the bridal party, close friends and family.  We can make it easy.  You could get creative with a special message on the label for each person in the bridal party. Or just include their name. This makes a truly personalized yet affordable gift. For close friends and family, the message can be more general, still making this a standout gift that will be cherished.


      The Floral and Wedding Arch label styles were designed specifically for weddings, but brides also like the Elegance style that is available in Silver, Red or Blue. If you became engaged at the Winery, as many couples do, you might want the water color drawing of the Winery. See pictures.


      More label styles, suggested messages and other details are found at Personalized Wines. Each of our Nissley wines can be personalized. The wine selection list is found on three pages: White Wines, Rosé & Red Wines or Fruit Wines. You could choose all one wine or an assortment. The miminum order for personalization is one bottle.


       The labels are also displayed in our wine shops where you can taste the wines to select your favorite. 

Assortment of Label Styles

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Suggested Message

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Suggested Message

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