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Game Day Nissley Wine Pairings

October 8, 2019
Football season is finally here! While beer and football seem to go hand-in-hand, let’s be honest… not all football fans love beer. If you’re watching and/or hosting game day events, consider ...

Canned vs. Bottled Wine: Blind Tasting Study RESULTS

September 9, 2019
Bainbridge, PA – It’s been almost two months since Nissley Vineyards hosted the nation’s first blind tasting study on July 20, 2019, comparing wine in a can and wine in ...

Nissley Vineyards Hosts First National Study Comparing Canned vs. Bottled Wine

July 26, 2019
On Friday, July 19, 2019, Nissley Vineyards partnered with leading wine-in-a-can market researchers to host the first canned vs. bottled wine blind tasting study in the nation.  
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